Seminar in Mind and Language

Second semester 2011-2012

Thurdays 2:00-3:50, MB142


Course schedule:


Lecture 1: Introductions to problems of consciousness

Lecture 2: The epistemological gap


“Mind the Gap” David Papineau (1998)

“A confusion on the function of consciousness” Ned Block (1994)

Lecture 3: Dualism about consciousness


“Consciousness and its Place in Nature”, David Chalmers

“The Unimagined Preposterousness of Zombies”, Daniel Dennett

Lecture 4: Functional Theories of Consciousness


“Consciousness as Internal Monitoring”,  William Lycan:

“The Mind as the Software of the Brain”, Ned Block:

Lecture 5: Multiple draft model of consciousness


“Multiple Drafts Model”,  Scholarpedia article by Daniel Dennett and Kathleen Akins

The Mystery of Consciousness (1997) p. 95–131, John Searle on reserve in the Philosophy Department Office


Lecture 6: Psychological accounts


“Personal Identity” entry in Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Reasons and Persons,Ch. 10 andCh. 11 , Derek Parfit (1984), on reserve in the Philosophy Department Office

 Lecture 7: Somatic accounts


“Was Jekyll Hyde?” Eric T. Olson (2003), available at:

“Can the self divide” John Perry (1972) on reserve in the Philosophy Department Office

Lecture 8: Functionalist account of Personal Identity


“Functionalism and Personal Identity–A Reply”, Sydney Shoemaker (2004)

Reasons and Persons, Ch . 13, Derek Parfit (1984)


 Lecture 9: Libertarian accounts of free will


“Human Freedom and the Self”, Roderick Chisholm (1964), available at:

“Consciousness, Free Will and the Unimportance of Determinism”, Galen Strawson (1989)

 Lecture 10: Compatibilist accounts of free will


“ Freedom of the Will and the Concept of a Person”,  Harry Frankfurt (1971), available at:

“Freedom and Resentment”, P.F. Strawson (1962), available at:

Lecture 11:  Free will and consciousness


“The mind’s best trick: how we experience conscious will”, Daniel Wegner (2003),

“Preconscious Free Will”, Max Velmans (2003),

One 90 minute tutorial, maximum 4 students per group, to discuss drafts of final paper


20%   In-class presentation (15-20 minute presentation one of the above papers and leading a

discussion on the topic)

60%   Final paper (1500-2000 words on a topic related to the seminar)

20%   Class participation


14 Responses to “Seminar in Mind and Language”

  1. C Says:

    Dear Dr. Inglis
    I am a student in your class but was not able to attend yesterday’s lecture because of sickness. I remember during the first week, yesterday should be scheduled to assign different topics for presentation throughout the semester. Do I have to do anything or there are already topics assigned?
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Yours sincerely
    Curtis Chung (UID: 2009199995)

    • kellyinglis Says:

      Dear Curtis,

      I decided to assign all the topics next week, so we can talk about that in the next lesson. In the meantime, just read the two papers for this week and be prepared to participate in the discusssion.

  2. YUEN. Chung Wing Says:

    Dear Kelly,

    The online version of this week reading, ‘Conscious as Internal Monitoring’, is different and the version found of JSTOR (

    Which one should I look at? Since the the version given by you is an expanded version, after reading it, I felt that the debate between Dretske and Rosenthal makes the article unnecessarily hard to comprehend without going into the original texts.

    YUEN. Chung Wing
    UID 2008086452

  3. Bella thomson Says:

    What date is the deadline for the essay?

    • kellyinglis Says:

      Dear Bella,

      A draft version of your final paper will be due on April 13th for distribution to the other members in your tutorial group. The final version will be due on April 30th, after feedback in the tutorial.

  4. bella Thomson Says:

    this is an interesting podcast in relation to our discussions.

  5. Philip Hall Says:

    Hi, I was just wondering if we could do our essays on similar topics to the topics we have discussed. If I am discusssing compatibilism, could I do my essay on a critique of the varying arguments for free will or would it have to be based on another area entirely?


  6. C Says:

    Is the reading by Strawson available?

  7. YUEN, Chung Wing Says:

    Dear Kelly,

    I am in the essay tutorial group on the coming Wednesday 3 pm.
    How should I hand my essay draft to the members in the group? And, I have not got others’ essay draft as well.

    YUEN, Chung Wing

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