Western Philosophy: an Introduction

PHIY100 Western Philosophy: An Introduction Instructor: Kelly Inglis Email: kellyinglis@yahoo.com

Course objectives:  To explore  and analyze some fundamental philosophical issues in Western Philosophy, including questions pertaining to epistemology, ontology, ethics, metaphysics and philosophy of mind. Issues we will discuss include skepticism, ethical theories, the nature of consciousness, free will, the meaning of life and the logical problems of time travel. The course will emphasize philosophy as an activity and discussion will be an important component of every class.

Time and place:  Section 1: Tuesdays 10:00 – 1:00, U104 Section 2: Tuesdays 2:30-5:30, L108

Notes: Course schedule (provisional):

Lecture 1: Skepticism (Descartes, Plato, Brain-in-a-Vat)

Lecture 2: Skepticism (The Matrix)

Lecture 3: Moral Systems (Utilitarianism, Deontological Ethics, Virtue Ethics)

Lecture 4: Moral Systems (cont.)

Lecture 5: Paternalism

Lecture 6: Personhood, 1st Debate

Lecture 7: Animal Rights

Lecture 8: Consciousness, 2nd Debate

Lecture 9: Consciousness (cont.), 3rd Debate

Lecture 10: Free Will

Lecture 11: Free Will

Lecture 12: The Meaning of Life

Lecture 13: The Problems and Paradoxes of Time Travel

Lecture 14: Review

Final Exam


Class participation and quizzes: 30%

Project: 40%

Final Exam: 30%

Lecture notes (powerpoint files):

Lecture 1 Introduction, Skepticism

Lecture 2: The Matrix

Matrix questions

Quotes from the Matrix

Lecture 3: Morality and Ethics

Lecture 4: Mortality and Ethics (cont.)

Lecture 5: Morality and Ethics (cont. 2)

Lecture 6: Paternalism and Individual Rights

Lecture 7: Personhood

Lecture 8: Animal Rights

Lecture 9: Consciousness

Lecture 10: Free Will

Lecture 11: The Meaning of Life

Lecture 12: Time Travel



2 Responses to “Western Philosophy: an Introduction”

  1. xinyinghe Says:

    prof.Inglis, there is a problem that I cannot open the webpage of “www.­animal-­rights-­library.­com/­texts-­m/­singer02.­htm”, which you provided it on “personhood” PPT. Thanks!

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